A fine Indian cuisine restaurant opened in Repentigny in October 2013, the Aladdin restaurant. Located at 190, rue Notre-Dame, the Aladdin restaurant offers refined Indian cuisine and a gastronomic foray into the land of the Maharajas. With its bewitching flavors and enchanting aromas, Indian gastronomy is one of the world’s most sought-after cuisines both by people eager for gastronomic discoveries and by frequent travelers. At the Aladdin restaurant, the aromas of exotic spices blend harmoniously with the background music to create an atmosphere worthy of the finest tables in India and South Asia. In addition to its diversified gourmet cuisine that will please the finest palates, the Aladdin restaurant offers a cozy and friendly atmosphere, at more than reasonable prices.


Our Address:

190 Rue Notre-Dame, Repentigny, Quebec J6A 2R2

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