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Milky Faruq

TravelOnly is a licensed wholesale/retail travel agency from coast to coast. We are governed by TICO in Ontario, the CPBC in British Columbia and OPC in Québec. - Specialize in Air, Hotels, Cruise, Car rental, All-inclusive vacations, luxury travel, Adventure, Exotic Travel. TravelOnly is also an accredited IATA appointed agency and a member of CLIA, BBB and ACTA. We use our enormous buying power and leverage to negotiate with every wholesaler and travel partner to ensure our clients receive the lowest rates on every vacation package, cruise ship and airline. - With trusted partners and suppliers within the industry, provide unparalleled travel experiences with the personal touch and expertise of your very own travel

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Address: 883 Avenue Ball, Montrea;, Quebec, Canada, H3N-1J8
Telephone: +1 (514) 975-8651
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Bangladeshi Business in Quebec

Phone : (514) 368 9000

Email :

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